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Obilježavajući Međunarodni dan žena mnoštvo slavnih osoba, od Alexe Chung do glumice Emme Watson, podijelilo je putem svojih društvenih mreža fotografije i poruke na kojima govore o utjecaju jakih žena u njihovom životu.

Muškarci su također sudjelovali, pa je tako David Beckham istaknuo Victoriju i Harper kao nevjerojatne žene u svom životu, dok je modni dizajner Prabal Gurung pohvalio svoju majku za njegov odgoj.

Koje su sve slavne osobe, i uz koje riječi, odale počast ženama koje su ih inspirirale kroz život.

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My mother has always wanted to change the idea that the higher you go, the fewer women there are. She’s ingrained this ideal in my siblings and I for as long as I can remember. We were raised to not only respect women , but also admire them, for the world would be a more equitable, more compassionate and more productive place with more women in positions of power. Both my personal life’e value system and my brand’s ethos are founded on celebrating women every day, however especially today, on international women’s day, we recognize the strength, power and resilience of women around the world. My brave and beautiful mother is among the most important forces in my life and she has undoubtedly shaped me into the person I am. Growing up in Nepal, I was raised by a single mother, an uncommon family structure. It took courage for her to raise my family as she did, and I’m am forever grateful to her for the example she set and the opportunity she provided my siblings and I with. My mother taught us to be powerful yet kind, sharp yet empathetic, passionate yet good humored, and above all, she taught and allowed us to be our truest selves. Attending an all boys school in Nepal, I always knew I was different. She encouraged me to embrace the traits that made me unique, to celebrate them for making me special, rather than shaming me for defying conventional gender norms. To my mother, who is the most resilient, strong and beautiful person I know, thank you. I love you. XPG #internationalwomensday #beautywithsubstance #pgworld #pgmuse

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This is my women ♥️🙏🏻 A generation of women who make an impact to my life every single day. Together we grow stronger, wiser and more invincible than ever. Grannie, mummy, Oksana, Kristina and Neva I love you. ❤️ for all my fellow women out there, every day is women’s day- never stop fighting for love, for change and for what you believe in. Our time is now 💪🏼♥️ #InternationalWomensDay Это мои самые важные женщины. ♥️🙏🏻 Связь поколений женщин, которые вдохновляют и поддерживают меня каждый день. Вместе мы идём по жизни, вместе становимся сильнее, мудрее и неуязвимее. Бабунечка, Мамочка, сестры Оксана и Кристина, дочь Нева, я люблю вас бесконечно и немножко больше. ❤ Хочу поздравить всех женщин и напомнить, что наш день каждый день, а не раз в году 8 марта 🤗 Каждый день мы празднуем любовь, символизируем рост, и приближаем перемены к лучшему. #КаждыйДеньЖенскийДень

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